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Defence Vision Systems (DVS) a United Kingdom company producing surveillance systems from design through to production for the Defence Market from its UK based in East Sussex.

Due to historical development DVS is also able to provide unique intensified Cameras. These are available as standard product or as custom versions.

The DVS range includes:

  • Gated Laser Systems for ground, air and underwater applications. Increase your ability to see by a factor of 50 in fog conditions. Increase your underwater vision by a factor of 6 compared to using flood lights.
  • Intensified cameras for specific surveillance applications as well as more general use.
  • Fast gated intensified cameras for use with Lasers.
  • Surveillance systems comprising one or more cameras providing wide spectrum, 24 hour vision.

All DVS surveillance systems are designed for ease of use providing the optimum image under varying viewing conditions.

  • Systems for Gated Laser Viewing for land, air and sub-sea
  • Intensified cameras – standard and custom
  • Fast gating intensified cameras
  • Multi-vision surveillance systems

Custom service for special applications

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