4G iCMOS Night Vision Camera

4G iCMOS Camera

The new 4G iCMOS intensified camera provides outstanding performance for use in a variety of defence and security applications. The camera is a compact lightweight, low powered device. Ideal for use in UAV and RIB applications, especially where a high performance camera is required.

Combination of modern, high-resolution CMOS sensor and the latest 4G, Hi-QE intensifier provides the optimum performance in low light conditions. The camera provides a high Dynamic Range, allowing both dark and light areas of the scene to be imaged simultaneously without exposure time adjustment.

Available either as a stand-alone camera or as part of a multi-sensor system.

Sensor type CMOS (NSC1105)
Resolution 1280 x 1024 pixels
Readout mode Rolling shutter
Frame rate Up to 60 frames/s
Data output USB3.0 or Camera Link, 14-bits
Dynamic range >140 dB
Power supply 5 V DC
Power consumption <0.5 W
Lens fitting C-mount (custom fittings on request)
Size L: 85 mm  H: 50 mm  W: 50 mm
Mass <500 g
Type 4G
Size 18 mm
Photocathode Enhanced red response (see the plot below)
Phosphor P43 (also available in P22 and P45)
Gating and gain control

(Fast-gated version available on application.
See alternative data sheet)


Note: The standard camera is offered with an ENHANCED RED RESPONSE. However, DVS is also able to offer the camera with alternative Hi-QE photocathodes to suit specific applications.

DVS reserve the right to alter the data outlined above without prior notification.

Issue 7.  Dated: January 2019

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