DVS Camera Type 419 (Firewire)

The intensified CCD camera providing exceptional low light capability.  Small size, lightweight, low power.

General Data.
Camera Power:             From PC via Firewire
Interface:                      Firewire (alternatives on request)
Lens Fitting:                 C-mount (custom fittings on request)
Mass:                           Camera 350 grams
Power:                         12 VDC
Temperature Range
Operating:                    0° C to +55°C
Storage:                       0°C to +70°C

4G Intensifier – Parameters
Figure of Merit (FOM): 1800 minimum; 2200 typical
Minimum Signal to Noise Ratio: 28
Limiting Resolution: 64 lp/mm minimum; Typical 72 lp/mm
High Light Resolution (200lx): 55 lp/mm minimum;
Minimum Gain at 2 x 10-5lx: 10,000 cd/m2/lx
Maximum Gain at 2 x 10-5lx: 20,000 cd/m2/lx
Halo: 0.7mm (typical)
Odutput Phosphor: P43 High efficiency

Sensor – Parameters.
Sensor:                        Sony ICX 285
Optical Size:                2/3” (11mm diagonal)
CCD Type:                   High sensitivity, low dark current, HAD sensor
Active Pixels:              1360 x 1024
Pixel Unit Cell:            6.5µm (h) x 6.5µm (v) CCIR
Optical Coupling:       Directly bonded to the output window of intensifier

Lens Interface
C- mount as standard.
Lenses available on request.
Via Firewire using free Vimba .2 software
Power in image out.                             

Mechanical Dimensions.
Housed Dimensions (excluding lens and connectors)
50 mm (Height) x 65mm (Width) x 74mm (Length)

DVS Camera Type 419 (Firewire)

DVS reserve the right to alter the data outlined above without prior notification.

Issue 7.  Dated: January 2019

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