Surveillance/Ranging System

A compact imaging system, combining a high definition, short wave infrared (SWIR) camera with a SWIR zoom lens plus a 1550nm laser range finder all integrated into a single sealed housing.

The system is designed around the latest VisSWIR technology using a high definition camera providing 640 x 512 active pixels.  The system provides excellent images over the hours of daylight from early dawn to early dusk. The system incorporates a fully motorised 20-200mm SWIR zoom lens, together with a powerful 1550nm laser range finder providing range data out to 8km, subject to atmospheric conditions. The unique feature is the system’s ability to provide the user with an image of the laser spot on the selected target.  The system is designed to be tripod mounted on a pan and tilt head.

The system may be controlled remotely using the available system control firmware. This would be supplied on a memory stick enabling the user to upload this onto a laptop. Alternatively, an option of a fully conformed, rugged laptop may be specified in the scope of supply. The system may be operated upto 100m from the location of the active unit.

  • Standard System
    • Dimensions: 140mm (High) x 180mm (Wide) x 350mm (Long)
    • Weight: 6.5 Kg
  • Long Range System
    • Dimensions: 250mm (High) x 300mm (Wide) x 550mm (Long)
    • Weight 10 Kg
  • Supply Voltage both systems: 12 Vdc
  • Power: External Battery
  • VisSWIR Camera
    • Standard: 680 x 512 Resolution
    • Long Range: 1280 x 1024 Resolution
  • Powered Zoom Lens
    • Standard: 20mm to 200mm (x10 zoom)
    • Long Range: 20mm to 750mm (x37.5 zoom)
  • Laser Range Finder
    • Standard: 1550nm Eye safe – Max range 8Km
    • Long Range: 1550nm Eye safe – Max range 30Km
  • Housing: Sealed to IP67
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