Application: The camera is designed to be integrated with a pulsed laser, gating control and suitable lens.

Gated Laser Viewing, Ground to Ground,Air to Ground, Underwater

The new DVS Multi – Spectral Fast Gated Intensified camera provides outstanding performance for use in variety of defence and security surveillance applications.  The camera is optimised for use with UV pulsed lasers and is designed for integration into Gate Laser Viewing systems.

The camera is a compact, lightweight, low power device especially suited for integration into larger systems, where a high-performance camera is required.

Combination of modern, high-resolution CMOS sensor and the latest 4G, Hi-QE UV or Blue sensitive intensifier, provides the optimum performance when combined with a suitable pulsed laser. The blue end of the spectrum is chosen as it offers optimum penetration, under conditions of mist, fog, rain and snow.

Ideal for underwater applications; when used in conjunction with a suitable UV pulsed laser it is capable of providing longer range vision.

Sensor type CMOS (NSC1105)
Resolution 1280 x 1024 pixels
Readout mode Rolling shutter
Frame rate Up to 60 frames/s
Data output USB3.0 or Camera Link, 14-bits
Dynamic range >140 dB
Power supply 5 V DC
Power consumption <0.5 W
Lens fitting C-mount (custom fittings on request)
Size L: 110 mm H: 50 mm W: 50 mm
Mass <550 g
Type 4G
Size 18 mm
Photocathode Enhanced BLUE response
Phosphor P43 (also available in P22 and P45)
Gating Upto 30KHz repetition rate

Note: The standard gated camera is offered with an ENHANCED BLUE RESPONSE.

Also available with a full range of other wavelengths – see graph below.

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